Yearly Archives: 2015

Could Texas Courts Consider Forensic Psychiatric Testimony to be Practicing Medicine?

Does an autopsy fall within the practice of medicine in Texas? This is an important legal question that could have implications for the practice of forensic psychiatry in Texas. The Texas Medical Liability Act defines “health care” as “any act or treatment performed or furnished, or that should have been performed or furnished, by any […]

Violent Online Writings: Criminal Threats or Free Speech?

How does our country balance First Amendment freedom of speech with violent, apparently threatening words? This question is becoming increasingly important in an online world. Some Internet users believe they should be able to freely express violent thoughts online. Because the Internet offers a feeling of anonymity, many people are less cautious about expressing violent […]

U.S. Supreme Court examines whether police interactions with people with mental illness violates the Americans With Disabilities Act

Teresa Sheehan was a woman with a history of schizophrenia who lived at a group home in San Francisco, California. In 2008, she threatened to kill her social worker, who in turn reported the threat to police so she could receive inpatient treatment at a psychiatric hospital. When local police officers arrived at Ms. Sheehan’s […]